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The Touring Dead

Enjoy our new app on a self-guided tour of Senoia's Walking Dead locations for free. Download the app above.

The Touring Dead - Senoia Golf Cart or Walking Tour

$25 per person

2 Hours

Schedule a guided golf cart tour to see the locations in downtown Senoia. Our golf cart can accommodate up to seven passengers. If you have a larger group, we'll be happy to schedule a walking tour. Plan to spend two-hours touring from Woodbury to, the Commonwealth seeing the sites used for filming from season 3 through to the finale, including a ride through Alexandria as we provide photographic reference to each scene and details from the original Senoia based tour here since day one of filming.

• Woodbury

• Alexandria

• Negan's Home

• The Coma/Claimers House

After you enjoy Senoia, reserve a seat for one or all of our Georgia Filmed TV & Movie Tours. Below is a list of location details for each of our Touring Dead Locations Van Tours. These tours cannot be combined due to the distance between locations.

Georgia Filmed TV & Movie Tours

(choose The Touring Dead I, II, or III in the reservation options)

$175 per person incl lunch

5+ Hour Van Tours


The Touring Dead I (formerly West Locations Tour)

• 18 Miles Out

• Ricktatorship

• Ferals

• Glenn & Maggie

• Michonne Tied Up

• Don't Jump

• A New Governor

• Clear

• Beheaded

• Negan's Outpost

• The Plumbing Co

• and so much more...

The Touring Dead II (formerly East Locations Tour)

• Negan Captured

• Meet Abe's Army

• Where Merle Died and Daryl Cried

• Bye Bye Rick

• Negan and Rick at Odds

• The Hanging Walker

• Hosing Down Walkers

• Tainted Meat

• The Safe House

• The Hanging Reepers

• Something Smells Under Here

• Home Sweet Home

• Fueled Up Walkers

• and so much more...

The Touring Dead III (NEW)

• Fueled Up Walkers

• Climbers

• ATL (too many to list seperately)

• Commonwealth Health

• The Fall

• A Teddy Bear and Bunnies

• and so much more...

The Touring Dead - Senoia

Self-guided app


The Touring Dead - Senoia 

Golf cart or walking with a guide

$10 - 35 per person

The Touring Dead I, II, & III

Small group van or event size bus

$175 per person, incl lunch

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