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Tours can be cancelled for a full refund up to 48 hours prior to the tour’s departure time. Requests for cancellation will only be accepted via web form submission. Please visit the Manage My Booking page to submit a cancellation request.

If you are within the 48-hour period before your tour’s departure and will not be able to make you scheduled tour time, you can reschedule at no additional cost by submitting a request on the Manage My Booking page.

If you arrive after your tour’s scheduled departure time, we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee same-day availability. There will be no refunds for late arrivals, but you can reschedule your tour in person at our ticketing kiosk or by submitting a request on the Manage My Booking page.

A 100% refund will be issued for any activity that was cancelled due to weather by The Walking Dead Studio Tour. The Walking Dead Studio Tour reserves the right to determine cancellations due to inclement weather. Weather cancellations will be communicated by email. Please note, the tour will operate rain or shine, and a such rain will not constitute a weather cancellation.

Thank you for registering for a walking tour through Senoia!


The tour will be two-hours and two-miles of walking, so wear comfortable shoes, drink plenty of water, and bring sunscreen and/or raingear. Water and snacks are available to purchase on-site. Depending upon the interaction and size of your group, it is possible your tour could take a little bit longer than two hours.


You need to meet your guide at The Georgia Tour Company, located at 53 Main Street, Senoia, GA 30276. 




1) What do we get to see?

a) We guide you through the areas of Senoia used for filming of The Walking Dead in Seasons 3, 4, 5 & 6; as well as show you locations used for other deadly productions like Pet Sematery II and more. We DO NOT go inside the walls of Alexandria; however, we have permission to take our tour guests along an area next to the safe zone off-limits to other visitors while we detail why, how, and what is going on the Gin Property (a.k.a. - Alexandria).


2) Where do we meet?

a) Please meet our tour guides at The Georgia Tour Company, located next to The Georgia Mercantile Company at 53 Main Street in Senoia.


3) Can we take photos and/or videos?

a) Yes, you may take photos. However, production respectfully requests no photos or video of their activities be taken along Gin Street. In addition, we asked that no video be taken and published of the tour itself.


4) May I bring my pet?

a) Due to the fact that we tour along roads where vehicular traffic is present and for the comfort of other guests, we ask that you not bring your pets. If you are traveling with your fur-babies, Camp Mimi Pet Resort is located in Senoia. You may contact them at 770-599-4599 to discuss daycare services. Due to vaccination requirements and space availability, arrangements must be made in advance.


5) May I tip my guide?

a) While it is not required, it is GREATLY APPRECIATED. Our guides work hard to provide an enjoyable experience to all our guests.


6) Is the tour route accessible for wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers?

a) We stroll through a downtown area that has accommodations for pedestrians, as well as through diverse terrain in the outlying areas, but have not experienced any issues with mobility units. And, for the little ones, we highly recommend the use of a stroller or wagon. For wheelchair or scooter rentals during your visit, Freedom Medical Solutions is located in nearby Fayetteville at 49B Hudson Plaza. You can reach them at 678-817-7281 for arrangements.


7) What if it rains?

a) We tour during rain showers because in Georgia it could rain for a week straight. However, we do not tour when lightening/thunder or severe weather warnings are present. Due to the nature of ever-changing weather conditions, we ask that you provide us with a phone number where we can reach you on tour day. Tours are non-refundable. We will however reschedule you for another time and/or day.


8) Will we get to meet any actors?

a) We cannot say that you will get to meet anyone or even see anyone. We do not know what the film schedule calls for or who will be in the area at any given time.


9) Do the actors walk/shop around the town.

a) You never know if any of the actors will run to the local coffee shop for a cup o' joe. Again, we have no idea when and where anyone will be at any given time.


10) Can we tour on our own?

a) Sure, but you will miss out meeting our great guides and hearing great stories of behind the scenes filming activities, local lore, and be limited to certain areas while we work with production to utilize areas nearby for our storytelling.


11) What else is there to do/see?

a) There are other communities in the region where you may travel to tour and see more filming locations. Additionally, Atlanta is ripe with tons of activities for all interests. Senoia is 25 miles south of Atlanta.


12) What's to eat in town?

a) We have several local eateries in town within walking distance of The Georgia Tour Company. Information about the restaurants and other shops in the Senoia area can be found at


13) Where can I smoke?

a) While this is an outside tour, we ask that you fall behind or stand at least 10 feet from other guests while smoking including e-cigs. In addition, you will need to discard of your cigarette butts in a trash receptacle.


14) I dress in cosplay, is that ok?

a) We love to interact with fans in cosplay, especially as they pertain to our guides in cosplay. However, real weaponry is not allowed unless of course you have a permit to carry. Cuts from sharp objects and accidental firing of a weapon is a scary thing and we want to maintain safety for our guests.


Finally, we ask for you to share your experience with others through our Facebook page at Georgia Tour Company, as well as on TripAdvisor at Georgia Mercantile Company. Many folks find us based on your feedback and we appreciate your reviews and your picture shares.


Again, thank you for touring with us!

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