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Strange 80s Tours


Take a tour back in time when mullets, florescent accessories, arcades, MTV, hair bands, and Huffy bikes were cool. But, beware there are some strange things that flipped the world upside down for Will and his friends along this journey. Reserve a seat for one or all of our Georgia Filmed TV & Movie Tours. Below is a list of location details for each of our Strange 80s Locations Van Tours. These tours cannot be combined due to the distance between locations.

Georgia Filmed TV & Movie Tours

(choose Strange 80s I or II in the reservation options)

$175 per person incl lunch

5+ Hour Van Tours


Strange 80s Tour I

• ABCD...

• Will's Funeral

• Hawkins' Schools

• Downtown Hawkins

• Master of Puppets

• and so much more...

Add on an Upside Down Escape Room (10 minute game)


Strange 80s Tour II

• Lover's Lake

• Let Go My Eggo

• Rats

• D&D

• The Rock

• Burgers and the Hangout

• The Arcade and Family Video

• and so much more...

Add on a tour of Hopper's Cabin (based on availability)


Strange 80s Tour I

Small group van or event size bus

$175 per person, incl lunch


Strange 80s Tour II

Small group van or event size bus

$175 per person, incl lunch

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