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The Touring Dead - Senoia Film Locations

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Stroll along the street of downtown Senoia to visit the apocalyptic community of The Walking Dead's fictional town, Woodbury. Follow along as The Governor guides you through the streets of his beloved safe haven where he leads with a smirky smile and an empowering voice. Find out where Milton performed experiments on Mr. Coleman, where Michonne prowled the streets and buildings suspicious of the Governor's gentlemanly demeanor, and where Andrea swooned over the leader of this naive community. Then, check out the Alexandria Safe Zone and the surrounding area with Officer Friendly, Governor, Negan, Carl, and others. Senoia is an active community with lots of vibrant shopping and dining to partake. We are a fully functioning town and the sets have been removed except for a few tourist photo ops to be pointed out along your journey. Please use caution and good judgement while visiting to use crosswalks, walk along the bike/pedestrian lanes or sidewalks, and never trespass on private property, including areas designated private even though they appear to be public roads. Welcome to Woodbury! NOTE - The Touring Dead Tour is a fan-based tour. We are not affiliated with AMC, Robert Kirkman, or any production component of The Walking Dead. We do not have any special access to areas off limits to the public. We ask that all guests respect the privacy of the filming locations and private residences, and do not attempt to access studio-controlled areas or private property. A $1000.00 fine could be assessed for trespassing. Property owners have cameras and monitor fan pages. Do NOT trespass. Georgia Tour Company will not be held responsible for your actions if you make wrong decisions. 🖼️ Images - © AMC Network

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